10 reasons why you should choose us

The vast experience of the company’s directors, managers and associates means that your business, home and family are in the best hands when you hire Security International Consulting to protect them. When you hire our services and become our client, you will notice a noticeable difference with many of the security companies you may have used before. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose us over any other security guard company

  1. Clarity and total honesty in matters of price: if we can’t serve you properly, we won’t sell you.
  2. Personalized, timely and responsive customer service, unsurpassed in the industry.
  3. The best value for your security investment compared to our competition.
  4. Exclusive training programs designed for our company by leading experts in their respective fields.
  5. We are accountable and take care of the problems. When problems arise or deficiencies are identified, we work immediately to correct them to the customer’s satisfaction and implement measures to prevent recurrence.
  6. We strictly enforce standards of cleanliness, uniform and personal hygiene for our staff.
  7. Customized reports for each position: management can easily track performance and review results.
  8. We create an alliance with our clients and promote teamwork in each position.
  9. We have expert advisors in safety matters, which is why we make consulting a service.
  10. Friendly, courteous and efficient service 24 hours a day, every day.