About us

About Security International Consulting

Our company offers security guard services, advice on business and personal security, bodyguards, executive transportation, camera monitoring, training, orientation and coaching.
We provide security services with extensive experience in residential communities, buildings or condominiums, commercial and industrial offices, shopping centers, industrial parks, construction, distribution centers, among others.
In the public sector, we provide services under government contracts, courts, parks, marinas, public libraries and other government buildings and facilities.

Our capabilities and approach include:

    • Analyze your security needs.
    • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your current systems.
    • Develop solutions to address the security objective.
    • Maintain a high quality of service through quality assurance.
    • Provide quality training to all our staff.
    • Provide a consistent and reliable support service.

    We emphasize 100% customer satisfaction and are committed to earning your trust and business every day.