All commercial property owners like to ensure that their facilities, infrastructure, as well as employees and visitors to their business are not damaged. That’s why commercial security comes into play. Whether it’s front-line security, access control, or reducing internal theft, these combinations of services can be a great help in safeguarding assets and people.

Business security solutions must integrate seamlessly with each other and be comprehensive and innovative enough to provide good levels of security on your property. We offer a wide variety of services including access control, intrusion detection, building management protection, patrol surveillance, and fire and hazard detection. The Security International Consulting team will supervise visitor arrivals and departures and coordinate with the patrol security guards. In addition, they will respond to regular and emergency situations for our clients.


Our personalized customer service is unsurpassed in this industry and, unlike large multinational security companies that can be overwhelmed by corporate bureaucracy, we are extremely flexible and responsive to our clients’ needs and can quickly customize services to suit each client’s particular requirements.


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Why hire Security International Consulting as your security guard company?

Our top priority is excellent customer service and satisfaction. While our management team works hard to avoid the problems that concern us, when we identify them or communicate them to us, they are corrected immediately and to the satisfaction of the customer. Once we begin servicing your property, we will handle all pertinent issues and report to you each morning, unless an extreme emergency occurs that requires immediate notification.