When you need to transport high-value items or need protection during your travels, it is important to hire reliable security professionals for the job. An escort can be an effective deterrent against criminal elements and ensure that the shipment arrives from point A to B without incident. At Security International Consulting we are an established security guard company with a team of well trained professionals.

Security escort for all situations

Security escorts travel with the transported item and ensure that it arrives safely at its destination. These professionals are trained to keep the item they are protecting in sight and ensure that no unauthorized personnel get their hands on it. They are also trained to be vigilant during the transportation process. They are aware of threats, suspicious people, disruptive activities, etc.

We provide armed and unarmed escorts according to customer requirements. Our team will discuss security concerns with clients and determine which option is ideal for them. Sometimes, unarmed escorts are sufficient and can transport the valuable item or high profile person safely. Sometimes, clients need the additional security provided by an armed guard.

Safe transportation

Safe transportation does not only involve a team of trained security escorts. It also includes surveillance technology, armored vehicles, tracking systems and other similar security measures. We can make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that the shipment arrives safely at its destination.

We work with reliable carriers and make all the security arrangements that are deemed necessary. The combination of safe transportation and well-trained escorts can help deter criminals and reduce the risk of loss. Our team is also trained to handle any hostile situation involving the shipment or the person being transported.
If you are looking for a reliable security guard company with a great team of professionals, do not hesitate to contact us at Security International Consulting.